Stylish Chairs for Restaurants

A great dining experience at your restaurant partly comes from selecting the right dining set.

Every day numerous people in different shapes and sizes use the chairs and tables at restaurants. Generally tables are covered with tablecloths because of aesthetic and hygienic reasons. Whereas chairs stay visible from all angles. So, having stylish, sturdy and functional chairs is a must.

Classic or Modern?

Before considering chair styles you should firstly consider the style of the restaurant as a whole. Speaking of chair styles there are three main groups that you can choose from:

Modern, contemporary and classic chairs.

Defining a modern restaurant chair is hard as it is multi-faceted. Modern restaurant chairs are the combination of all styles and eras with simple and clear lines. Nevertheless, there are some common features and stylistic elements, for example modernism like Gothic, Renaissance and Victorian Era refuses to use detailed ornamentations. Besides, simplicity in terms of both shapes and functionality are highlighted. Generally, they are made out of modern materials like aluminum and stainless steel but wooden chairs also do exist. There are plating options of gold, bronze, chrome and stainless steel.

As the modern design is ever-changing so is the definition. Trends and market impacts the modern design hence what is modern today, can be obsolete the next day.

Definition of classic chair is also ambiguous for it refers to any original or replica chair regardless of the era. To be more precise we have to specify the style.

Click the link below to find out how many chair styles are called classics. 

Suitable Chairs for Restaurants 

Usually restaurant chairs do not have armrests which makes chairs more compact and easy to place under the tables. If your goal is making the most out of the space, these chairs might be a good option. If you select chairs with armrests pay close attention to height so that they fit under the tables easily. Even though they take more space, sofas can also be used at restaurants. Sofas will provide more comfort to the diners. You can browse our catalog to take a closer look at chairs produced by Turkish chair manufacturers.

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