Modern Interior Design

The thing that pushed architects and artists to create a new movement was their goal to distance themselves from canonical and academic styles. The main goal was to start a revolution and create new ideas through the existing ideas of Art Nouveau.

We will tackle the historical eras of the evolution of modern interior design.

Birth of the Modern Interior Design

Its ability to survive historical events is one of the main reasons why this style is still highly valued in our day. Specifically there are 4 recognizable events:

Movement before the WWI 

Revolution between the WWI and the WWII

The time around the fall of the Berlin Wall

Modern time after peace

Regardless of the improvement process, with the Industrial Revolution the goal is constantly improving our lives. Every aspect of daily life gets better and even modern interior design feels the need to stay up-to-date.

In international decoration shows we can see the complete harmony between all of the interior design elements in modern style, which is the go-to option. As a result, matching modern pieces with one another is not challenging.

Definition of Modern Interior Design 

As we mentioned the movement has its roots from the States and Europe, thus it is not easy to define modern interior design. Because it is a result of different historical events and eras, it is not a unifying movement.

Modern design came into existence in the 19th and early 20th centuries which are characterized by the goal of bettering the ever-changing reality.

With the Industrial Revolution numerous changes in daily life happened and planning became more significant. Architectural goals, too, focused on constructing buildings that are high quality and that will improve daily lifestyle.

The 1960s is a historical era which was enhanced by numerous art movements including modern art. People were encouraged by the peace after wars and the idea of new beginnings has transformed into an idea of life without obstacles.

Modern Interior Design in Our Time

On the one hand, it became a movement of aspiring architects and engineers who aimed to discover the irrationality of stylistic inclinations. This includes the rise of style and technique of Art Nouveau. Besides, the rationality of polytechnic architectures is rediscovered. This naturally enabled better construction and stylisation which resulted in sturdy buildings. Using materials such as cast iron, steel and reinforced concrete makes the buildings stronger. Nowadays, buildings are inspired by the principle of transcending the time limits. 

When selecting modern concepts you should pay close attention to the quality of the materials. There are many high-end looking furniture made out of cheap materials. 

Chairs for Modern Interior Design

Two main notions in modern interior design are rationalism and the comfort of nature. Decoration done with these elements in mind has an atmosphere which radiates freedom and coziness. For a finishing touch you can purchase distinct chairs from our Turkish chair manufacturers.

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