Chairs Types

Some types of chairs have become a classic while some of them evolved from the classics. You can specialize your interior design with a good choice of chair. Here are commonly used types of chair models which you can also find on our chair product catalog.


Classic Chairs

Classic chairs are probably the most common type of dining chairs. It is challenging to place chairs with big armrests around a typical dining table. Some dining tables allow enough space whereas most of them do not. In this case stackable classic chairs become handy. These types of chairs are comfortable even without the big parts of armrests. Moreover, they can be made out of various materials such as metal, wood and plastic.

Bar Stools

There are numerous bar stools that you can choose from. If you have a bar table or kitchen island you definitely need bar stools. There are many height options, some of them are adjustable and some of them are fixed. Therefore, it is best to measure the table height before buying fixed bar stools. Besides, bar stools with or without backrest exist. There are even swivel bar stools. As a result, you should consider the possible way of usage before buying bar stools.

Thonet Chairs

For a touch of vintage for your dining table you can prefer thonet chairs. These types of chairs usually have padded or wickered backrests. The significant feature of the chair is the support system in the back called wishbone.

Clear Chairs

For ultra modern houses clear chairs, also known as ghost chairs, can be selected for dining rooms. These chairs attract attention as a different and an interesting choice. They can be with or without an armrest. However, clear chairs are not long-lasting. 

Office Chairs

Whether you go to work every day or spend long hours in front of the computer at home, it is always a good idea to have a comfortable chair with a sufficient support system.

Reading Chairs

If you are a bookworm you know how important reading sessions are. A reading chair can be a classic chair or a rocking chair.

Rattan Chairs

If you want a really durable outdoor chair then wickered chairs are just right for you. Wicker can handle harsh climates and there are special pillows that can also endure those conditions. Usually, wicker chairs come in sets and in neutral colors like white, brown and black.

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